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1. Capstone Discussion Question Consider your favorite concept from this course. Explain the concept as if you were teaching it to someone in an upcoming class. How would you present the topic? How would you explain it so it is easily understood? Capstone Week 9 After taking the class, my favorite concept is the topic of E-Commerce. This topic is a  very important topic and all members of society should know the importance of how this works.  E-Commerce is defined as a method of sales and promotions that a corporation may establish  in order to expand its business and promote their products or services to a global audience as  opposed to a local or national base audience.  While this feature is a huge benefit to a  corporation, there are many steps that need to be taken before E-Commerce can become a 
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Unformatted text preview: benefit to the corporation. A good approach to teaching this feature to a class would be to discuss the reasons that a corporation would utilize this type of feature and how it would be beneficial. The next step to explaining E-Commerce is to provide visual examples of what comprises an e-commerce site and how it is beneficial to both the consumer and the corporation. An instructor is able to explain this topic or any other topic in many different methods however I have always found that by showing a group of peers what and how the topic that is being discussed is utilized it will be easier for them to gain working knowledge of how the feature is supposed to operate and what purpose it will serve....
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