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Unformatted text preview: CheckPoint Week 4 E-mail used by corporations is both useful and at the same time can also be harmful. E- mail allows a member of any corporation to send and receive information that may be vital to the operation of the company when time is a factor. Many corporations have established policies that limit the use that employees e-mails and internet use due to the ramifications that can result in legal action for improper use of the internet for illegal activities such as downloading music and videos. When an e-mail is created, its path is the user’s computer, to the company server, to the receiving server and finally to the user’s computer. This path allows any e-mail to be retained by both servers for future reference as well as to take appropriate actions should an employee be in violation of company policy. Aside from legal action, E-mail can also be used to employee be in violation of company policy....
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