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CheckPoint Week 8 After reviewing all the information available, The problem was that the company was very disorganized in the daily operations in regards to inventory control, Shipping, and time management are not in sync with each other which resulted in the excessive cost and increase in staff management. With the problems identified, the next step would be to begin planning on a new type of system that would help the company smooth out the daily operational routine. Once the planning stage has been completed, the following step would be to begin to implement the planned system by examining the infrastructure of the building to determine where the necessary equipment would be placed and the type of software that would be needed to effectively perform all daily locations. The current operations state that the steps to fulfill one order require the cooperation of several employees in order to effectively complete a single order however the is no guarantee that the order would be error free since different products may have been stored in the same bin.
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Unformatted text preview: With all the information reviewed, the best option would be to not only establish a new system but to establish a wireless system as opposed to a wired system due to the various employees and departments that are involved. This type of system would allow the employees to utilize scanners to receive and retrieve the necessary products in a timely manner to fulfill an order. Dorfman utilized a set plan to establish his system by having the IT division examine all aspect of how their wireless system would be effective. The methodologies that I would suggest would be to establish a wired network system for each department that allow them to share information regarding an order for a client and have a wireless system for the division that sorts and packs the order since they would have to have access to a portable device in order to be able to have all the information pertaining to an order available....
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