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CheckPoint Week 7 - CheckPointWeek7 Problems...

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CheckPoint Week 7 Problems: Input names of students from the user, terminated by ZZZ, and create a data file GRADES with  records of the form:  student (string), test1 (integer), test2 (integer), test3 (integer) In this file, all test scores should be set equal to 0. Display the contents of the file GRADES created in Problem 1. Each student’s record should  appear on a separate line and include the total score (the sum of the three tests) for that  student. For example, a line of output might be: R. Abrams 76 84 82 242 Problem Analysis: As we can see that above two problems are the same nearly. In the first problem we have to read information from the user about the student and then we have to create a file named “GRADES” to store these records of about the student. This process will continue till the any student name is entered as ZZZ, this is the terminator of the program. Each student’s record
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CheckPoint Week 7 - CheckPointWeek7 Problems...

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