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REVIEW QUESTIONS – LAST WEEK OF CLASSES 1. CH 3 CH(CH 3 )CHCH 2 + ?? CH 3 CH(CH 3 )CH(Br)CH 3 2. What is the most likely major product when 2-methylpentane is treated with Br 2 /h ν ? 3. What is the product of the oxidation of 2-propanol? 4. What is the product of the reaction of the following with H 2 O/H 2 SO 4 ? i) 1-methylcyclopentene (ii) CH 2 5. What is the product of 1-bromo-3-methylbutane + NaOH? 6. CH 3 CHCH 2 CH 3 OH Na CH 3 I 7. Which of the following are chiral? CH 3 OH CH 3 OH 8. Draw the Lewis structure of C 2 2- and give the formal charges for each carbon atom. 9. Draw the Lewis structure for nitrite ion, give the formal charges & predict the shape. 10. How many sigma and pi bonds are present in H 3 CSCN? 11. A solution of bleach, sodium hypochlorite, labelled "0.030 M NaClO", has a pH of 10.00. Calculate K
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Unformatted text preview: a for HClO. 12. Write NIE’s for the reactions that occur when perchloric acid and sodium hydroxide are added to a (C 2 H 5 )NH 3 Cl/(C 2 H 5 )NH 2 buffer. 13. Calculate the pH after the addition of 0.0250 moles of HCl to 1.00 L of a buffer solution of 0.0425M acetic acid and 0.0596M sodium acetate. Assume no change in volume. 14. For the titration curve below, determine the pK b for the base. A) 2.0 B) 3.0 C) 5.3 D) 7.0 E) 8.7 15. a) What is the pH at the stoichiometric point of 0.130 M HCOOH(aq) titrated with 0.130 M KOH(aq). b) Which indicator should be used for the titration above? A) methyl red (p K In = 5.0) C) bromothymol blue (p K In = 7.1) B) alizarin yellow R (p K In = 11.1) D) cresol red (p K In = 7.9)...
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