Lecture 03 - Our First Program

Lecture 03 - Our First Program - Our First Program...

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Unformatted text preview: Our First Program September 19, 2006 Last time History of Programmable Computer Big Idea: Store a description of a computer inside the computers memory (aka a program) Programmable computers are: more versatile easier to develop Compiler is a program that turns a high level language description of a program into a working program. Last time C is a high-level programming language. Operating System manages resources among different programs, CPUs, users. The Life-cycle of a program 1. Someone has an idea for a program and decides what it should do. 2. A programmer converts that idea into a high level language (like C) description. 3. The programmer uses an editor program to type in the description and save it on a disk/USB key (the operating system decides where on the disk it is allowed to go). The Life-cycle of a program 4. the programmer uses a program called a compiler to convert the program description into machine code (and a brand new program is born). 5. The programmer runs (or executes) their new program. The Life-cycle of a program 6. the operating system manages the resources that the program wants to use while it is running (keyboard, mouse, memory, disk, printer, CPU, etc., etc.) In Practice In practice, the above 7 steps are not completed one after another, but rather revisited. Development Cycle Specify Design Code Compile Run & Test Specification Validation Syntax Errors Execution Errors Debugging Some programmers also use a debugger that allows them to run their code in slow motion and look into what its doing more (this will be covered later in the course). IDE An integrated development environment is a piece of software that combines: an editor a compiler (and sometimes project management tools) a debugger (sometimes on-line help features) Our First Program IDE vs Standalone Some people prefer to use standalone programs instead of an IDE....
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Lecture 03 - Our First Program - Our First Program...

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