Lecture 10 - Conditionals and Loops

Lecture 10 - Conditionals and Loops - – integer value(not...

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10 Conditionals and Loops Oct 12, 2006 Annoucements • A1 all marked. • Quiz grades updating soon. • A2 due at noon today. • A3 due Oct 26th at noon (appearing on web-site tomorrow) • Midterm Oct 19th at 5:30pm (locations depend on your last name) Announcements Continued • Appointments link – please us it. Review • Last time we saw a lot of comparative operators, Boolean operators, learned about precedence and order of operations and complicated if conditions Gotchas • if (x==3||4) – order of operations? – equals is done first • if (x==(3||4)) – x==1 • if ((x==3)||4) – always true • if ( (x==3) || (x==4) ) – the correct way More Gotchas • if ( 3<x<5 ) • if ( (3<x)<5 ) – always true – correct
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switch – another conditional switch (integer_expression) { case integer_value: instructions; break; case integer_value: instructions; break; } Details • integer_expression can be: – integer variable: x – eqaution that computes and integer – function that returns an integer
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Unformatted text preview: – integer value (not much use) • integer_value can be: – integer value switch • checks an integer value and compares it to a number of cases • execution jumps to the case • and proceeds until break • break moves out of code block { } • default case covers other possibilities • example: switch.c Missing the break • If you forget about the “break” statement your code just keeps on going through the next case statement and the next, etc. • Modified switch.c Programming advice. 1. Put in the basic structure: switch ( integer_expression ) { } 2. add skeleton cases: case integer_value: break; 3. fill in the details Characters as integers • Every character is also an integer: • can print it using %d or %c • ASCII codes • intchar.c Loops • For repeated actions. while ( boolean_expression ) { code; } No switch for you • does not work with floating point number, or strings...
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Lecture 10 - Conditionals and Loops - – integer value(not...

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