Lecture 10 - Conditionals and Loops

Lecture 10 - Conditionals and Loops - integer value (not...

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10 Conditionals and Loops Oct 12, 2006 Annoucements • A1 all marked. • Quiz grades updating soon. • A2 due at noon today. • A3 due Oct 26th at noon (appearing on web-site tomorrow) • Midterm Oct 19th at 5:30pm (locations depend on your last name) Announcements Continued • Appointments link – please us it. Review • Last time we saw a lot of comparative operators, Boolean operators, learned about precedence and order of operations and complicated if conditions Gotchas • if (x==3||4) – order of operations? – equals is done first • if (x==(3||4)) – x==1 • if ((x==3)||4) – always true • if ( (x==3) || (x==4) ) – the correct way More Gotchas • if ( 3<x<5 ) • if ( (3<x)<5 ) – always true – correct
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switch – another conditional switch (integer_expression) { case integer_value: instructions; break; case integer_value: instructions; break; } Details • integer_expression can be: – integer variable: x – eqaution that computes and integer – function that returns an integer
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Unformatted text preview: integer value (not much use) integer_value can be: integer value switch checks an integer value and compares it to a number of cases execution jumps to the case and proceeds until break break moves out of code block { } default case covers other possibilities example: switch.c Missing the break If you forget about the break statement your code just keeps on going through the next case statement and the next, etc. Modied switch.c Programming advice. 1. Put in the basic structure: switch ( integer_expression ) { } 2. add skeleton cases: case integer_value: break; 3. ll in the details Characters as integers Every character is also an integer: can print it using %d or %c ASCII codes intchar.c Loops For repeated actions. while ( boolean_expression ) { code; } No switch for you does not work with oating point number, or strings...
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Lecture 10 - Conditionals and Loops - integer value (not...

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