Lecture 17 - Arguments and Sorting

Lecture 17 - Arguments and Sorting - Low bandwidth...

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17 Command Line Nov. 9, 2006 Announcements • Still catching up on instructor e- mails. • A5 came out Friday (important labs this week). • Code Log starts tonight. • Bonus: not for the faint of heart. Previously • Files – fp = fopen( filename, mode ); • to create/open a file • filename specifies name of file • mode specifies read/write/append • returns pointer to FILE object – fclose( fp ); • closes file that the pointer points to Previously (cont.) • fprintf( fp, format, data ); – prints results (data) to a file specified by fp in the format • fscanf( fp, format, data ); – reads data from a file with given – format Examples • 15_file_write.c • 15_file_read.c The Command Line • The original interface: the command line. • No graphics, no mouse. • Conversational metaphor (teletype)
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Advantages • Low tech
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Unformatted text preview: Low bandwidth (accessible over internet) Scriptable Simple Can be very powerful (faster than lots of clicking) Lower level interface Advantages portable stable easy to code Still there today. Communicating With Commands command argument1 argument2 e.g. gcc -Wall -ansi -pedantic a1.c vi a1.c dir format c: Command line arguments in C int main( int argc, char **argv ) argc number of arguments argv array of arguments (of size argc) each argument is char * (I.e. a string) Gotcha! argv[0] is the name of your program! argv[1] is the rst real argument Example 16-arguments.c Sorting Sorting in place Basic operations: compare two elements (which is larger) swap exchange 2 elements...
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Lecture 17 - Arguments and Sorting - Low bandwidth...

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