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UNC-CH PHILOSOPHY SPRING 2011 Dr. Daniel Moseley First Paper Assignment Your assignment is to write an argumentative essay on a philosophical issue. Suggested topics are provided on the next page. Your essay should present a persuasive and plausible argument that engages with the assigned readings and class discussions. The essay is expected to contain an argument that (1) is well supported by the texts and (2) presents strong considerations and evidence that provides logical support for your main thesis. It is important to show your critical thinking and analytical skills in both of these activities. Avoid writing a paper that either (a) merely summarizes what is in the readings and does not provide any analysis or evaluation of the summary (which is a book report ) or (b) provide an argument that is not grounded in the reading material or class discussions. All of the resources that you need to write an excellent paper are available in your readings, your notes, and your mind: it is not necessary to consult outside sources. Since you are expected to demonstrate your own reasoning skills, you are strongly discouraged from using outside sources. The paper is due at the beginning of class on Friday, March 4.
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