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Study Guide, mid-term 2, 2011

Study Guide, mid-term 2, 2011 - Study Guide for Mid-Term...

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Study Guide for Mid-Term Exam #2 Reli 140--Spring 2011 There will be three parts to this exam. Everything will be taken from this study guide, although you will not be allowed choices on the exam itself. Please bring a blue book. You will not be allowed to use notes, but feel free to outline your answers DURING THE TEST on the inside covers, on blank pages, etc. (there should be enough time to do so). We encourage you to study together, and to think through your answers in advance (outlining can help greatly). Ideal answers to the essay will include examples from a variety of sources (readings, lectures, and discussions). Part I (40 points total) On the exam, you will be provided with 5 of the following terms (of our choosing—not yours). You will be asked to write a coherent essay of at least 4 paragraphs explaining all 5 terms , their significance and their relationship to one another . Your goal will be to not only define the terms, but also draw
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