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Scenario 1-1: Selecting a Windows Server 2008 Edition Ed will need at least 2008 Enterprise edition to be able to use the two node failover cluster. If Ed can afford the cost with his limited budget, you will also need to implement a 64 bit versions of Server 2008 and upgrade to 64bit processors on the servers that need to run Hyper-V virtualization. (do you need 64bit version of server on all servers?) Scenario 2-1: Deploying DNS Servers Harold is a freelance networking consultant who has designed a network for a small company with a single location. The owner of the company wants to use an Active Directory domain, so Harold installs a Windows Server 2008 domain controller with the Active Directory Domain Services and DNS Server roles. Harold also uses DHCP to configure all of the workstations on the network to use the DNS services provided by the domain controller. Soon after the installation, however, the owner of the company reports extremely slow Internet performance. After examining the traffic passing over the Internet connection, you determine that
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