104F Syllabus Spring 2011

104F Syllabus Spring 2011 - Syllabus UWP 104F: Writing in...

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Syllabus UWP 104F: Writing in the Health Professions CRN: 51810 TR 9:00-10:20; 1 Olson The following syllabus offers an overview of what we will cover this quarter and provides due dates for major assignments. I may add readings, brief informal writing assignments, or other homework assignments not yet listed on the syllabus as we move through the quarter, so be sure to make note of changes added in class, via the Smartsite announcements, or by email. WEEK 1 DAY 1: Tuesday 3/29 Introduction to course and related discussion ICW: Taking stock memo Pick-up: Formal Assignment 1: Personal Statement HW : Prewriting Exercise: Research Programs Note: This first HW, as well as this week’s informal journal writing assignment are both linked to formal Assignment 1 and explained on that assignment sheet. For each Formal assignment unit, you will keep and include in your final 2-pocket folder, copies of all related ICWs, HWs, early drafts, revised drafts, and peer review sheets. DAY 2: Thursday 3/31 Due: HW Prewriting Exercise: Brainstorm about Your Qualities POST TO SMARTSITE CHAT: Choose a favorite topic sentence (first of any paragraph) from the assigned Gawande reading. Type the sentence you like in the Chat, include a page number and explain why you think it is effective sentence in terms of structure, placement or language. Read for today: Gawande, “Education of a Knife”; When Doctors Make Mistakes” A Writer’s Reference (AWR) pp3-23 C1-C3 on the writing process AND pp140-143 W3-a,b on Active verbs Build Skills: Strong Verbs/Active Voice
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104F Syllabus Spring 2011 - Syllabus UWP 104F: Writing in...

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