Assignment 1 Personal Statement for Health Professional Sch

Assignment 1 Personal Statement for Health Professional Sch...

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UWP 104F, Sententia Spring 2011(Adapted from M. Creek-Michelson) Formal Assignment 1: Personal Statement for Health Professional School HW: Prewriting Exercise: Brainstorm about your Qualities: Thurs March 31 Informal Journal #1: Priming the Pump : Fri April 1, by midnight HW: Prewriting Exercise: Research Programs: Tues Apr 5 Draft of Statement for PEER WORKSHOP Due: Tues Apr 5 (bring 3 hard copies; submit one digital copy) HW: Revision Exercise: Consult Friends, Relatives, Colleagues, or Professors for Their Ideas Due: TBA Final Revised Statement Packet Due: Thurs June 2 Submit in 2-pocket folder. Include relevant journal write-ups, ICWs, HWs, early drafts, revised drafts, drafts with peer reviewers’ comments, and peer critique sheets. Be sure to drop off a final digital copy in the Assignments Folder on Smartsite. Final Draft Length: 750-1,000 words Audience: Selection committee for a health profession school or graduate program Resources: The Health Science Advising offers excellent advice on writing the personal statement. I highly recommend that you read this advice before beginning to work on your statement. Student samples in Smartsite Folder. Writing Task Option 1 Write and revise a personal statement (concise personal essay) directed to a specific health profession school or program you hope to enter. Your purpose is to convince the selection committee who will be reading your statement that you are an outstanding candidate for admission to their program. This is your opportunity to present yourself as an interesting, qualified, and promising applicant who deserves a closer look. If you know the programs to which you will apply, find an application form for those program and examine its writing prompt. Note that this assignment for UWP 104F requires you to write a short essay —not respond to individual questions. My goal is to develop a strong essay that shows who you are and why you are qualified to enter the profession of your choice. You can modify or extract portions of this essay to meet specific requirements later on. Option 2 If you are not yet ready to apply to a professional school, and would like to apply for an internship or similar program instead, you may do so. It must be a program that requires a formal cover letter or statement of interest; and it must be a real opportunity that you can pursue. For this option, you must find/provide a specific prompt and submit it with your draft and final assignment. You must also do exploratory writing similar to what is required for Option 1, which will help you discover what to talk about in your statement. You may use relevant questions from the list given here to generate questions of your own and respond to them. You will write several drafts, and should pay attention to format/length guidelines. General Advice
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Assignment 1 Personal Statement for Health Professional Sch...

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