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P LANT B IOLOGY 113 H OMEWORK Q UESTIONS #1 - P AGE 1 S PRING 2011 A BCD E F A BCDE F Map of genomic region Autoradiographs of DNA gel blots hybridized the indicated fragments HOMEWORK QUESTIONS #1 FOR THE FIRST MIDTERM (50,000 points) Answer six of the seven questions. Due in class Tuesday, April 19 or in your discussion section, whichever comes first. 1. Would you expect the complexity of leaf mRNA to be more or less than that of mRNA isolated from a bacterial culture of E. coli cells. Explain your answer. 2. You are interested in characterizing the organization of a specific region of the soybean genome. Specific 1 kb fragments from this genomic region have been cloned. A representative map of this region showing cloned fragments A-F is shown below. Each of these fragments is radioactively labeled and hybridized with a DNA gel blot containing soybean genomic DNA. The results obtained from this experiment is shown below. Based on the DNA gel blot hybridization experiments, describe the organization of DNA sequences in this region of the genome. Is this organization similar to that of other plants that we’ve discussed in class? What is the significance of this organization to plant function?
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Homework1.a11 - PLANT BIOLOGY 113 SPRING 2011 HOMEWORK...

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