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DL Section: tin:101 2::1014.3 Clogcl St-kwi tvithuunio n, cs westrvell erL. CtittelitA- , \T a d : nsvci rosits 801:5(84)+10ka(ioti) 7--240ki ly s i 100k3f il =34O V' 1VCI -19r. t t-snoto\ Lmti is) 1 (6v+ 101( i )laTifi r qth i 1CA :f rf 4 344 ° 16 3% r: clet314) -53gT Name: Last Office Use Quiz 3 Physics 7B(C) Winter 2011 February 17, 2011 1. Quick Question (2 points) A small car and a huge truck are moving at the same speed and collide head on becoming a single large pile of twisted metal. In the collision which one (the truck or the car if either) has experienced a larger change in momentum? Give your answer and a short explanation as to why it is true. ara' dosed sdsifin: Fft in4 •I'f -Cr CV"! tfhni, 41) rfria l cAlon r 1" KAM/ 4f10 ?) Ow and krvat ow* tit 4. sys don 2. (8 points)Dr. C. is snowboarding at a constant speechof 3 m/s due north, when a Physics 7 student throws a huge snowball at him, striking him on his back. All the snow sticks to Dr. C. Dr. C
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Unformatted text preview: has a mass of 80 kg, the snow ball has a mass of 10 kg and is travelling at 10 m/s. a.(6 pts.) What is Dr. C's new velocity (assume he does not fall)? Show all your work and explain your physics. Jet st no dirtaion cha t , -b. (2 pts.) Dr. C. now tosses a 5 kg mass back at the student. What happens to his velocity? Explain (A couple of equations and a sentence or two, but you do not have to do any numerical calculations). . mr, Nt rAum 5(1.1so conitroal i A-1/2\ g s Mal StelotA miry.= Au. n v\i-ho. .) mont akkum thik\ niemAtbtluns. -Crow, rtvious rd. +a CDOestryt front-v.4.n >134CDtc. Attlorib .incratiejt a DT- C'S Vtl004,3 wal %fiCrax.s e-A • • Cal...
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