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Unformatted text preview: Name: Liist DL Section: Office Use Quiz 3 Physics 7B(D) Winter 2011 February 17, 2011 1. Quick Question (2 points) A small car and a huge truck are moving at the same speed and collide head on becoming a single large pile of twisted metal. In the collision which one (the truck or the car if either) has experienced a larger change in momentum? Give your answer and a short explanation as to why it is true. Glow art -> Apt so -*car ofrna +ruck MüSi ttedn'tha FOWL CM? iA 04DYAIJAkthii, 2. (8 points)Dr. C. is snowboarding at a constant speed of 4 m/s due east, when a Physics 7B student throws a huge snowball at him, striking him on his back. All the snow sticks to Dr. C. Dr. C has a mass of 85 kg, the snow ball has a mass of 8 kg and is travelling at 15 m/s. a.(6 pts.) What is Dr. C's new velocity (assume he does not fall)? Show all your work and explain your physics. al • wo • vr-cvii a47 Rift' K n 5 79) lit— verrni . clotael Ssitm 4, mowurnkur, IS Cov/ges%rtat AostAk` seavQ. a f)t rf jZ r fyierai- iv), 14) f 7s-143 - Li ft Ylc3 - 1ST 3 q6 !_:_ 4- 12011-31 2401e3!'.2 ) çf lC (mct As) l a% ,-- (ski 1- i) 1 4(0 07,- = 9U314) 4119 ) tiff' -4,96. 7 t easd. n b. (2 pts.) Dr. C. now tosses a 8 kg mass back at the student. What happens to his velocity? Explain (A couple of equations and a sentence or two, but you do not have to do any numerical calculations). dosed stun^ t) , Firm - narth Pic ' e sin C v t io t; ntratSeS ...
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