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Quiz 5 Problem 1 Q All 3 vector arithmetic problems correct 100 R 2 of 3 correct 70 E At least 2 vectors have errors but errors are consistent. E.g. All vectors are reversed, One of D, E, or F are drown incorrectly, but consistently, such as D being h- 4 , 4 i 60 S 1 of 3 correct 40 T none correct 0 Quiz 5 Problem 2 Are the initial momenta set up consistently Y Both Momenta are in the same direction and the astronaut’s mag- nitude is greater than the hammer’s; since his mass is certainly greater and their velocities are the same 100 P Both momenta are the same, which only happens in the dubious case that the hammer has the same mass as the astronaut. 70 N The hammer has incorrect momentum. E.g. more than the astro- naut, none or in different direction than astronaut’s. 0 Quiz 5 Problem 2 Is momentum Conserved? Y Yes momentum is conserved, Δ ---→ P total = 0 100 N No momentum is not conserved,Δ ---→ P total 6 = 0 0 Quiz 5 Problem 2 Is the Chart consistent? Y
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