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cog psych exam 3 - 3 - Exam 3 review 3 Cognitive...

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Exam 3 review – 3 Cognitive Development: Information Processing Computer as metaphor - mind = computer - humans process information - hardware: limited capacity o working memory capacity o attention span selective attention o processing speed not infinite o registers and stores more info. o Speed increases o Nervous system developes - software: “programs” that operate information o strategies o knowledge o more knowledge o new strategies o executive processes (plan, monitor, decide_ Types/components of memory & how they differ - info from environment sensory and perceptual process memory  thinking  language - basic processes o the simplest and most frequently used mental activities o associate events with each other o recognize as familiar Encoding - the process of representing in memory information that draws attention or is considered important - the representation in memory of specific features of objects and events
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- people encode info that draws their attention or that they consider relevant, but fail to encode a great deal of other info. - Info not encoded is not remembered later - Some crucial info is encoded automatically - Ex. Birds- fly, have feathers, have beaks, live in trees Speed of processing - Myelination o Increase speed of processing o Resist distractions o Increases connectivity among brain regions which increases processing capacity and speed by expanding the resources that can be marshaled for a given task and the efficiency of communication among brain areas - increased connectivity among brain regions Strategies - rehearsal o repeat into over and over - selective attention o the process of intentionally focusing on the information that is most
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cog psych exam 3 - 3 - Exam 3 review 3 Cognitive...

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