Intro To Social Psych exam 4 - gender roles

Intro To Social Psych exam 4 - gender roles - Intro To...

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Intro To Social Psych – Exam 4 Gender or sex-typing - cues that infants pick up on - can discriminate between males and females - boys play with boy toys, girls play with girl toys - preschool sex-typed play - spend time with same sex peers gender stereotypes - gender roles and norms - a society’s expectations for the behavior of people according to their sex - a little boy will get made fun of if he plays with dolls (preschool) gender identity - awareness of ones own gender - 30 mos. of age gender stability - awareness that gender is stable/permanent over time - 3-4 years old - don’t yet realize that gender is independent of superficial appearance and think that a boy who has put on a dress and now looks like a girl has become a girl gender constancy - the realization that gender is invariant despite superficial changes in a persons appearance or behavior - 5-7 years old - then seek out same-sex models in order to learn how to behave
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- how I look and act is unrelated to my sex gender schemas - boys are like this and girls are like that - I want to be like a boy/girl - Cultures rules for boys/girls - Influence how one perceives and understands world - Organized mental representations (concepts, beliefs, memories) about gender, including gender stereotypes - Dynamic, change constantly as children acquire additional gender-related info. - Motivated to acquire gender-consistent interests, values, and behavior emerge as soon as child can identify with own gender – toddler Gender segregation - Maccoby’s term for children’s tendency to associate with same-sex peers and avoid other-sex peers - Very pronounced by grade school - Declines at around 11 years old when romance sets in
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Intro To Social Psych exam 4 - gender roles - Intro To...

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