Intro to Social Psych Chap 1

Intro to Social Psych Chap 1 - Intro to Social Psych...

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Intro to Social Psych Chapter 1 Branches of Psychology Clinical – disorders (largest) Cognitive – brain Developmental Health – whether people get vaccine or not Personality – individual differences Social – situations Social Psychology – the scientific study of how people think about, influence, and relate to one another How the situation affects people Hindsight bias – tendency to exaggerate, after learning an outcome, one’s ability to have foreseen that outcome - knew it all along theory Social behavior goals - social ties (friends, make bonds) - understand ourselves - gain/maintain status - defense - mating Perspectives - sociocultural – causes of social behavior lie within influences from larger social groups o like anthro o influence from larger social groups - evolutionary – natural selection has developed socially adaptive behaviors in
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humans - social learning – past learning experiences are determinants of behavior - social cognition – mental processes involved in paying attention to, remembering and interpreting social experience determine social behavior o biased thinking Scientific values - accuracy – validity, how true - objectivity – biased (try to avoid) - skepticism - open-mindedness reliability – extent to which a meansure applied repeatedly exhibits the same results validity – extent to which a measure accurately reflects the concept being studied - external validity – applies to generalizability across situations o generalization to general population - internal validity – applies to the accuracy within the study itself o control as many variables as possible
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Intro to Social Psych Chap 1 - Intro to Social Psych...

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