Intro to Social Psych - Marriage

Intro to Social Psych - Marriage - o Only for women if good...

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Intro to Social Psych Marriage Types of Marriage - monogamy – one man marries one woman o America is “serial monogamy” – don’t necessarily mate for life - polygamy – one man marries more than one woman (polygyny) o one woman marries more than one man (polyandry) - polyandrous – less than 1% - most societies are monogamous - polygamy is more likely when: o steep social hierarchy o rich environment o occasional famines - polyandry – when environment very harsh o need more providers o cant have all o their children Successful marriages - more similar partners - avoid expression of negative emotions - secure attachment style - large families increase male satisfaction About marriage - marriage rates down in US; cohabitation rates up - sex decreases dramatically over first 4 years - happiness effect? o Men happier and healthier if married (can be a bad marriage)
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Unformatted text preview: o Only for women if good marriage-Many disputes over home and chores o Not in lesbian couples Personal traits bad for marriages-Extraversion o More likely to express those bad negative feelings-Unconventional o Not as conservative-negative moods Divorce-64% will get divorced today-when asked, people say 10%-not a horrible thing; can be traumatizing by not the worst-can leave if bad, not forced to stay in a bad marriage-cohabitators do have a higher divorce rate o religions like to point this out o correlation, not causation-book points out that arranged marriages have a low divorce rate o less than 4% o higher happiness ratings o measure love – America decreases, but increases steadily in arranged o maybe based more on similarity...
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Intro to Social Psych - Marriage - o Only for women if good...

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