social psych - prosocial behavior

social psych - prosocial behavior - ProSocial Behavior...

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ProSocial Behavior – 12/2/09 Kitty Genovese - walking to her car, got attacked by a man - neighbor shouted out window and man ran off, but no one came out to help her - attacker came back, raped and killed her - about 35 people saw/heard the attack but no one helped - why did no one help during the 45 minute attack? Sempo Sugihara - jews went to him to ask for visas so they could leave Europe - he went to boss, they said no, but he issued visas anyway - 18-20 hours a day writing visas - saved at least 3000, possibly as many as 10000 - lost job Prosocial Behavior – helpful action that benefits others Altruism – behavior that is motivated by an unselfish concern for the welfare of others - does it truly exist? - Cant be that somebody gains anything - Firefighter saving someone – not because its his job - If someone feels good about it after the fact, then still no Heroism – actions that involve courageous risk taking to obtain a socially valued goal Why no one helps Bystander Effect - likelihood of a prosocial response is affected by the number of bystanders - the more bystanders, the less likely people are to help - Implicit bystander effect - decrease in helping behavior brought about by simply thinking about being in a group - Roles of Others - potential sources of aid - sources of information as to if aid is necessary - look to other people in an emergency to figure out what to do, if we need to help, so no one does anything - sources of approval/disapproval of aid - Why Bystander Effect Occurs – Darley & Latane - Diffusion of Responsibility - the amount of responsibility assumed by bystanders is shared among them - Pluralistic Ignorance - Darley and Latane 1970*** - had people in a room and either alone or with other people and
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talking to someone over intercom, became apparent that person over intercom was not ok. Measured how long it took for someone to get up and try to find
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social psych - prosocial behavior - ProSocial Behavior...

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