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Cog Psych - Learning - Cog Psych Learning Chapter 2...

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Cog Psych – Learning Chapter 2 – Learning - Introduction o The Challenge of Learning Learning problem – what goes with what Organisms born with biases Associations Learning Profiting by experience Improvement in performance Increase in adaptation to environment Not all learning is adaptive Storage of info - The Biological Backdrop of Learning Can study learning by observing how the actions of animals or people change with experience o Fixed-action patterns and releasers Innate skills or behavior sequences that the animal does not have to learn Adaptive Initiated by specific stimuli (releasers) Once initiated, the behavior patterns often run their course almost automatically o Critical Periods and Imprinting Attachment imprinting – type of learning that forms the basis of the young animals attachment to its parents and later controls its selection of mate
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o taked place during critical periods don’t have abrupt on and offset Bird song Humans have an auditory template that constrains their speech development Critical period effects and language learning Language learning has a critical period associated with it
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Cog Psych - Learning - Cog Psych Learning Chapter 2...

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