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Cog Psych - Perception

Cog Psych - Perception - Cog Psych Perception Chapter 3...

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Cog Psych – Perception Chapter 3 – Perception - The Problem of Perception o Difficult There is considerable amibuigty in the world that the perceptual system must resolve 2 kinds of ambiguity same object might be seen differently the image you see comes from light that reflects off surfaces in the world, strikes retina – only 2-D thru evolution, perceptual system has developed in a way that is well suited to peoples goals process info quickly - Visual Pereption Low-level vision – edges, motion, depth High-level vision – object recognition, face recognition o Low level vision Extracts info that determines features of the objects in the world, where they are located, and how they are moving o Edge detection How to separate coarse edges from the fine details of an object Spatial frequency – the number of lines of a uniform thickness that can fit into a particular unit of distance The thicker the lines, the fewer that can be placed in a given space – lower spatial frequency High spatial frequency – narrow edges, thin lines and fine detail info in images Right hemisphere likes to process lower frequency People typically process visual info from coarse to fine processing
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Thick edges can be detected using low spatial Thin edges require high spatial frequency o Localization Segregation, fixing distance, determining movement o Segregation Gestault Figure-ground relations – in an image, the figure is the main object that is the focus of the percept, and everything else is background Ex faces of vase? Proximity priciple
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Cog Psych - Perception - Cog Psych Perception Chapter 3...

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