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Cog Psych - remembering new info - Cog Psych Chapter 7...

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Cog Psych - Chapter 7 Remembering New Info: Beyond Basic Effects Introduction o Knowledge helps understanding o Eyewitness testimony o Recovered memories – info about traumatic events is remembered after a long period where it was not recalled at all o Flashbulb mem – we feel that we have a snapshot of an important event Schemas: Understanding and remembering complex situations - Introduction and Motivation o Encoding is not focused on remembering the situation but on understanding it o Knowledge allows us to verify whether specific facts are known, and allows us to make new inferences that are crucial to our understanding o Meaning is a function of both the input and activated knowledge o Comprehension is an active, not passive process o Understanding consists of comstructing an integrated representation - Understanding o Schema – large unit of knowledge - Schemas o A general knowledge structure used for understanding o Not whats true about the world but rather ones knowledge about the world o General o Encodes info about type of situation o Structured o Used in comprehension o Often viewed as including slots for particular info Component of a frame that is filled in by particular info. In the absence of specific info, a slot may have a default value
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o Releant info fits into slots o Contains default assumptions o Hep us understand and remember o Generate expectations about what is likely to be true
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Cog Psych - remembering new info - Cog Psych Chapter 7...

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