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Cog Psych - spatial knowledge

Cog Psych - spatial knowledge - sensory modality-Summary o...

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Cog Psych - Chapter 8 Spatial Knowledge - Relations between representations and referents o Representation – internal model linked to external (real world) objects and events so as to preserve functionally relevant info - Analog representations o A representation that mimics or simulates the structure of its referent in a mre or less direct manner. In the case of spatial representations, continuous spatial nfo and spatial relationships might be the relevant structure o Proppositional representations – representation that takes the form of abstract language like propositions that are not tied to any particular
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Unformatted text preview: sensory modality-Summary o Analog rep – maps Spatial Knowledge-Maps and navigation o Survey knowledge – a birds-eye view often learned from maps Useful for making judgments involving global spatial relations such as judging distance between two objects Fast scanning and measuring o Route knowledge – gained from navigating thru the environment Requires more time but allows people to perform well on tasks that are difficult if the knowledge is learned only from maps...
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