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1-4 - midl.sOB A/L‘M fable Qm/Jbe-Z add CONSTPF'WT...

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Unformatted text preview: midl.sOB A/L‘M fable Qm/Jbe-Z add CONSTPF'WT empbbozh sou- ck (Mrk (qu >7 Woo), 1/231 03/13/20“ Qmebf3~ (4:49“ (‘1’ (5137'- .j‘z‘ncinavllg 5/0000],- 23.駧%%§1£;_¢llrg;:nz;?in the following code: BSOOOPOB' Ia .deptno from empbeZ group by sa1,pos where sal <> S’eleci- pas, $41,512,)an £29m FTP/30(3)}. amup fig (Sal p05) ,—f<, HAU/Nlr SAL <> 88’000' N“ 549107 n‘ 3,3 yuan A411]. yflt alga-(Gm Lt H}, 7 24. Consider this request agent the four tables featured in this class. Give last name, first name and salary for everybody who is neither a coach nor a pitcher. Show how to 'code' this in (a) relational algebra ”(mpmpbboz) V: 1nfo bbo}. ./ +1. 5 enema {norm $0.1 (GPO osififaficfbpm (b) relational calculus / W 7 7 {1. .2nam,3 -,{name 1- $41 (1 €- ompbboz Heinjobbc); A .‘7 r. 1.905 # Leach Wat-P03 i [3131th Ax-em/ana:y.em/mn w ...
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