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Operations Management MNMK 315 Quality Project Fall 2010 Bill Frino James Booth Stefan Ftomyn
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Alcoholic Beverages An alcoholic beverage is a drink containing ethanol. Ethanol is a psychoactive drug, a depressant, and many societies regulate or restrict its sale and consumption. The concentration of alcohol in a drink may be specified in percent alcohol by volume (ABV), in percentage by weight, or in proof. What we know… Beers have been made for at least 6000 years. Brewing has been a hit and miss process until about 200 years ago, until then it was difficult to control quality. High quality beer has three basic ingredients: barley malt, hops, and water. Adjuncts are used extensively in cheap beers. Brewing Brewing is the production of alcoholic beverages and alcohol fuel through fermentation. This is the method used in beer production. Brewing is fundamentally a natural process. The art and science of brewing lies in converting natural food materials into a pure, pleasing beverage. The Ingredients Water The water must be pure, with no trace of bacteria. This is vital, because it allows the other ingredients to release their entire flavor. 95% of breweries have their own spring or natural well. Barley Barley is a cereal that offers a key advantage: it can be preserved for a long time after harvesting. In order for barley to be used in the making of beer, it must first be malted. It is malted barley that gives beer its characteristic color and taste. Hops Hops come from a climbing plant with male and female flowers; only the female flowers are used. There are various varieties, ranging from very bitter to aromatic. In antiquity, it could be replaced by mixtures of aromatic herbs, in particular rosemary and thyme,
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How To Brew Beer Doc. - Operations Management MNMK 315...

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