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Byte Products Case - Bill Frino Senior Seminar 435 Case#1...

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Bill Frino Senior Seminar 435 September 13, 2010 Case #1 “The Recalcitrant Director at Byte Products, Inc.” 1. If you were one of the board members, how would you have initially voted for the proposal? What would your vote be after the recess in the meeting? Why? I would have originally voted in favor of the plant in Plainville because it is a simply, temporary fix to the problem. It would bring in additional profit for Byte while the other plant is being built. After recess I would have to change my vote. The fact that it is only a temporary plant would kill the community. Yes approximately 1200 new jobs would be created, but after 3 years then what? They would be out of work. The town would once again be desolate. It would be a repeat of the company who was in the plant 8 years before and then left. Byte Products Inc. would not want that responsibility. 2. Should the Byte executives tell the town administrators and potential employees that this is a temporary plant for three years?
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