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The Audit Case - B ill Frino BUSA 435Q Senior Seminar...

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Bill Frino BUSA 435Q Senior Seminar: Business Policy Case #4 “The Audit” Page #477 1. What would you do in this situation if you were Sue? If I was Sue, I would report the issue. If not reported, it could become a liability issue and could ultimately end in loss of her job. Even though the coworkers tell Sue not to say anything, she could be held responsible for discovering the issue and not reporting it regardless of it being on record from the previous audit. Nothing was done about it before, it’s time for someone to do their job and report the problem. 2. Should Sue go over the head of the partner in charge of the audit to? Upper management? What are the pros and cons of such a decision? Would this help or hinder her career at the CPA firm? I feel that Sue should go higher than Paul, the partner in charge. It is an illegal act what the account is doing. The main cons of the decision are possibility of losing the account and/or disgruntled and angered coworkers. On the other hand, by bringing this issue to upper management it could save a
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