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Week 4 Homework - have the previous check voided so it...

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Bill Frino CMIS 335P Case Project 2-2 Page #69 Wednesday, September 22, 2010 The first thing I would do would to inform the contractor that I am looking into the issue since the check amounts are different. I would then call my bank to make sure he didn’t deposit the check already and is trying to pull a scam. Assuming all is legit and that it was not deposited. Then I would immediately contact the person in accounting and get them involved. I would then
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Unformatted text preview: have the previous check voided so it cannot be deposited if it happened to “show up” after a new check was written. If a new check was to be written so be it. Most importantly, once the problem is solved, we have to ensure it will not happen again. A system will have to be set up to monitor and back up all transactions processed through the accounting system program....
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