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Bill Frino CMIS 335P Hands-On Project 8-3 Page #342 Wednesday, October 27, 2010 The classic Mac OS was becoming outdated and was not ideally suited for use on computers constantly connected to the Internet as was becoming the trend by the mid 1990's. After exploring various options Apple Computer acquired Steve Jobs' NeXT Company for $427 million, in February 1997, and used their NeXTSTEP UNIX based operating system as the basis for Mac OS X which started to appear in 2000. The purchasing of Next also returned Steve Jobs to Apple. By choosing to build Mac OS X on UNIX, the company opens up thousands of new applications to Mac owners, potentially expanding
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Unformatted text preview: Apple's market share, and gives UNIX developers access to a lucrative new audience. Mac OS X, the first major overhaul of Apple's operating system since its 1984 introduction, is based on BSD Unix, a popular variant of UNIX. Apple in late March released Mac OS X at retail and on Monday said the OS would ship on all new Macs. Apple has gone down the UNIX road before. In the early 1990s, the company sold A/UX, a version of Unix System V, designed to run on Apple's Macs and servers as an alternative to the Mac OS. But A/UX didn't easily run existing Mac applications and attracted few buyers. The company later discontinued it....
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