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A detona H 2 , O 2 , a reference pressure dissociat argon is 3 (a) Cal fron gas 300 (b) Che con Assumpt 1. Ide 2. M 2 = 3. Con 4. Com 5. Do 6. No C ation wave p and Ar with e frame fixe is P 1 = 1 ba ion. The co 39.948 kg/km lculate the v nt, and final ses. (Hint: E 00 K). (Ans eck your a nservation eq tions: al gases = 1 in burne nstant area d mplete comb not assume heat transfe hapman-Jo propagates in molar ratios ed to the de r and tempe onstant press mol. elocity u 1 (m l temperatur Estimate the wers: u 1 = 2 nswers to quations are d gases duct bustion constant spe er to the wall ouguet Deto ME 52 n a tube clos s of 4:1:4, re etonation w rature T 1 = 2 sure heat ca m/sec) of the e T 2 (K), den e heat capac 090 m/s, T 2 determine h satisfied. ecific heats ls 1 onation Wav 5: Combust sed at one en espectively. ave is meas 298 K. Assu apacity of ar e unburned g nsity 2 (kg/ ity ratio 2 b = 3420 K, how well th ve Example tion nd. The init The velocit sured to be ume comple rgon is 2.5 R gases with re /m 3 ), and pre by assuming 2 = 1.53 kg he moment e Problem tial reactants ty u 2 of the b 1226 m/se te combustio R u , and the a espect to the essure P 2 (ba g a burned ga g/m 3 , P 2
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CJDetAnalysisEPSolnLect19ME525SP2011 - 1 Chapman-Jouguet...

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