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Academic Honesty in the Online Setting Jennifer Bryan University of Phoenix
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Academic Honesty and Online Courses Author: Grijalva, Therese C.; Nowell, Clifford; Kerkvliet, Joe Source: College Student Journal, March 2006 Volume 40 Issue 1, p 180-185 6p Database: Gale power search, Academic OneFile. Academic Honesty for a New Generation Author: Steven G. Vegh, McClatchy Source: Tribune Business News April 13, 2009 Database: ABI/INFORM Complete I believe both were peer-reviewed McMurtry (2001) suggests eight possible deterrents to e-cheating: (1) establish and explain an academic honesty policy, (2) design writing assignments which support specific goals, (3) explore available online resources before assigning a paper, (4) allow adequate time for the assignment, (5) require oral presentation of assignment, (6) have assignments submitted electronically to be archived, (7) require citations and check them, and (8) consider plagiarism search services. Rowe (2004) includes six additional ways to combat online dishonesty: (1) encourage honesty by defining cheating, (2) safeguard passwords and keep hard copies of grades, (3) utilize proctored assessments, (4) prohibit all
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