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Bioethics is a field of study concerned with the ethics and philosophical implications of certain biological and medical procedures, technologies, and treatments, such as organ transplants, genetic engineering, and care of the terminally ill. Organ transplantation has raised serious ethical concerns since advances in medical techniques gave us the ability to perform such a procedure. The ethical debate over these procedures continues to rage and will only continue to do so as further medical advances are made, such as cloning. A recent science fiction movie addressed cloning for the strict
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Unformatted text preview: purpose of organ donation. It told of human beings cloned and held in captivity until their organs were needed at which time they were killed and their organs harvested. This type of body donation is what many fear if cloning for the purpose of organ donation is ever allowed. There is also the worry of economic exploitation of donors. It is a common perception that the donors are poor and the ones receiving the organs are rich. This raises fears of an organ black market. Recent bioethical news
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