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Page 1 of 4 GBA 411: Framing and Analyzing Business Problems - I Winter 2008 Prof. Ravi Mantena Final Exam March 14 th , 2008 Total Points: 45 Instructions : 1. This exam contains 3 problems. You have 3 hours to complete the exam. Upon completion, you need to hand me your completed answer sheet as well as your Excel file. You do not have to reproduce your Excel solutions again in your paper exam. 2. Please name your Excel file Lastname_Firstname.xls , where Lastname is your last name and Firstname is your first name. Before starting on your exam, set up Crystal Ball according to the instructions provided on the instructions sheet. 3. Please make sure that you save your work frequently during the exam. At the end of the exam, please email the file to [email protected] 4. Please read the questions carefully and provide your answers in the appropriate space provided or in your Excel file. If you need to provide your solution elsewhere (say the blank sheet at the end of the exam), then include a clear pointer at the end of the question indicating where to look for the solution. If you need any clarifications on the questions, feel free to ask the proctor. 5. Draw the influence diagrams on the exam booklet. Do not try to create them in Excel as that would just be a waste of time and will not earn you extra points. 6. Wherever pertinent, please include the intermediate steps in your solution. Also clearly specify any assumptions that you need to make as part of arriving at your solution. This will enable you to get partial credit if your final answer is incorrect. You may use the blank (reverse) side of these pages for any work that you do not consider a part of your final answer. 7. In problems with multiple parts, when subsequent parts build on the previous ones, please save answers to each part as a separate worksheet in your Excel file with an appropriate name (e.g. questions 1B and 1C). Please do not overwrite the model/results of the previous part (except when you run solver – in which case it is okay to replace your initial values with the optimal values found by solver).
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Page 2 of 4 Problem 1 : Pricing Amusement Park Rides (15 points) . Assume that you run a family oriented amusement park in the Rochester area and are
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SampleFinal1 - GBA 411 Framing and Analyzing Business...

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