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I think my first memory of art is a children’s ballad. I still remember that my mom usually sang it to me when I was a little kid. This song is so beautiful even though I didn’t remember its lyrics. Its melody is soft so that people feel comfortable when hear it. I like someone sing it to me, especially my mom. I was not a good kid in childhood. I always didn’t want to go to school because I was afraid to leave my mom. Every time I would cry while I was standing in front of the school. My mom would give me some candy and try to comfort me, but it didn’t help anything. Until that day, my mom sang this children ballad for me, and I stopped crying. I didn’t
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Unformatted text preview: know why I can stop crying. I just felt something is fine at that time. And one thing which is impressive for me is my mothers smile when she was singing. I love my mom so much. Every time I cried, my mom would sing me to claim down. The children ballad and my mothers smile made my fear go away. This ballad is important for me. It gives me comfort and peace. Even though Ive forgotten a lot memory of my childhood, this ballad is still in my mind. Today, I study in America. The situation is like I went to school when I was child. I left my mom. Of course, I will not cry anymore, but I still hope to hear this ballad from my mother....
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