Seminar Paper 2 - Tat Lao Sang Lao ENGL 102 Nina Bayer May...

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Lao Tat Sang Lao ENGL 102 – Nina Bayer May 9, 2010 Seminar Paper 2 Shakespeare’s Renaissance: Hamlet In the Late Middle Ages, there was a cultural movement happened in Florence, Italy, and later it was spread to the rest of Europe. This significant movement was named by the term of Renaissance, and it was begun from the 14 th to the 17 th century. The Renaissance was quickly spread to England because there were some great artists and architects work with it. Writer William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616) is one of the major English Renaissance figures who wrote a lot of great plays and performed at his theatres. The Globe Theatre is one of his theatre preformed his plays such as The Tragedy of Hamlet, which was considered Shakespeare’s most well-known tragedy play and believed to have been written between 1599 and 1601. The Renaissance was the movement representing human was the central of the universe against the traditional philosophy. It is no doubt that the context of Shakespeare’s works is essential to the understanding of humanism. Therefore, Shakespeare’s play, the Tragedy of Hamlet , could affect people to explore humanity for life because Shakespeare completely revealed human nature such as love, hatred, grief and greed in Hamlet . The play, Hamlet , was created in the Renaissance. The word “Renaissance” means “rebirth” in French. This was great period for creativity in art, architecture, science, and literature. During this period, important inventions such as the printing press and the telescope were made. Explorers ventured across the globe, beautiful buildings were constructed, and literature and theatre also flourished at this time. The Renaissance began around the 14 th century
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in an Italian city, Florence, where statues, buildings, and works of art from Roman Empire survived. Artists and writers in Italy thought the Roman and the Greek civilizations, had reached the high level in art, architecture, literature, and philosophy. They began to study these classical learning, which was known as the humanities. They hoped to use what they learned in
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Seminar Paper 2 - Tat Lao Sang Lao ENGL 102 Nina Bayer May...

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