Week 2 RP - Sculpture There is much knowledge in the back...

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“Sculpture” There is much knowledge in the back of a sculpture work. According to the reading, we know there are three forms in sculpture. Full-round means the sculpture is a three dimensional art, so we can view it from any angle. Relief sculpture also is a form of three dimensional arts; however, it can be viewed only one side because it is represented from a background. Linear sculpture is completely different from Full- round and Relief. It is represented by two dimensional, so we don’t need to view it like Full-round sculpture. Moreover, sculpture can be executed in different methods. Most artists’ like to use Subtraction, Construction, Substitution, and Manipulation to execute their works. Composition is a set of element that is used by artists to present their idea. There are many elements within the composition such as Mass and Color. “Analyzing Sculpture Homework Assignment” The sculpture I am going to analyze is my camera, and I would like to say the “artist” of this sculpture is Canon. It is a three-dimensional full-round sculpture, and I think it belong to the method of execution of construction. The medium of the camera is metal, but of course, it contains some small plastic parts such as buttons. It is a compact camera, so it doesn’t have much mass and take up much space. Since the camera is compact, its density is high, I can see a lot details from the camera such as the speaker and flash. The focus is on its lens. Since this camera features its high-quality lens, the lines directs the eye into the lens. It is a closed form sculpture, and there is no any negative space. The camera’s color is black, and it has been added to the camera. The size of the sculpture is small, and I think the
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Week 2 RP - Sculpture There is much knowledge in the back...

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