Week 6 RP - Music and Opera In the fi rst part of chapter...

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“Music and Opera” In the first part of chapter four, it introduces some music forms for classical and jazz. There are seven forms in classical forms: Mass is a sacred choral composition consisting of Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei. There is a special mass for the dead call requiem mass. Cantata is a choral work with one or more soloists and an instrumental ensemble, and the word “cantata” meant a sung piece. An Oratorio is a large-scale composition using chorus, vocal soloists, and orchestra. Art song is a setting of poem for piano, and it utilizes imagery into music. Fugue is a polyphonic composition is written for a group of instruments. Symphony came from the Classical period of the late eighteenth century, and it mostly lasts between twenty and forty-five minutes. Concerto, which reached its zenith during the Classical period of the eighteenth century, is an extended composition for an instrumental soloist and orchestra. In addition, there are six forms in Jazz forms: Blues, New Orleans Style, Ragtime, Free Jazz, Fusion, and Groove. Those forms are completely different styles. The following part of chapter four introduces Opera. It mentions four basic types of opera: grand opera, opera comique, opera buffa, and operetta. Also talk about the opera production.
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Week 6 RP - Music and Opera In the fi rst part of chapter...

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