Week 8 RP - Theatre According to the reading theatre has...

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“Theatre” According to the reading, theatre has several genres. Tragedy is a play with sad ending. Comedy is a play with happy ending. Tragicomedy is a serious play which has both happy and sad scene. Melodrama is an exaggerated battle and usually plays with music. There is another theatre form, Performance Art. It is a modern form of theatre, sometimes it mixes several forms, but mostly it breaks the traditional concepts. To produce a theatre need the following elements. A playwright has to create Script for the theatre to play. The script always represents a theme. A good script need plot to attract audiences, and plot should comprise exposition, complication, and denouement. A playwright create script, he also create characters for the play. Protagonist is the main character of the play. The last element is visual element. It includes stage types, scene and lighting design, costume, and properties. “Writing about Drama and Theatre” To writing about Drama and Theatre, we have to understand what its aspect is. Drama has some difference between the literary and theatrical dimensions of plays. Therefore, we have to understand the aspect of drama as literature and theater.
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Week 8 RP - Theatre According to the reading theatre has...

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