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1. According to Craig’s essay, “gendered television” explains that the television industry successfully designs some programs for men and other for women (203). Advertisers produce some specific commercials that focus on different gender audiences. 2. Men’s women are portrayed as physically attractive, slim, and usually young and white, frequently blond, and almost always dressed in revealing clothing (207). Women are describe like that relate to sex, and that is what all men want. Women’s men usually are portrayed as a good looking, romantic, and successful man, but sometime he may be vulnerable like a kid (211). 3. The meaning of Craig’s statement is that the women should maintain their attractive factors, such as slim and sexy. And most women like masculine men, so Craig thought men should be romantic and successful. 4. It is a fantastic article for analyzing gendered commercials. It told me a lot of information that I never pay attention to. After I finished this essay, therefore, I
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