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Unformatted text preview: Shopping science is an interesting science. I t involves many other sciences, such as psychology, interior design, and marketing. In the article, Gladwell believed that Paco’s theories of the butt-brush and petting and the Decompression Zone and the I nvariant Right seek not to make shoppers conform to the desires of sellers but to make sellers conform to the desires of shoppers (Gladwell 100). I t is important that sellers can get customers’ attention in a r ight way. Att racting customers is the fi rst s tep for selling products or service successfully. Customers make a deal or not depend on how sellers make a good impression to them. Therefore, I think Paco’s t heories are really useful for sellers. In Paco’s theories, I think the Decompression Zone is the amazing one. I experience it when I go in to Apple store every t ime. Paco believed that, as a rule of t humb, customer interaction with any product or promotional display in the Decompression Zone will increase at least thi r ty per cent once i t's moved to the back edge of the zone (Gladwell 94). Apple store followed this theory to design i ts stores. W hen I came in to the store, what I saw at first is iPod shuffle and nano, which is t he lowest price i tem in the store. That made me feels comfortable about the price even though I found that i t was still expensive at last. Once customers pass through t he Decompression Zone, they look at the price of the first i tem. That i tem should be easily accessible. If the first i tem is expensive, that will be overwhelming to customers. As we can see, Apple does the r ight thing in i ts store and creates a comfortable shopping environment for customers. Gladwell, Malcolm. "The Science of Shopping." S igns of L ife In The U.S.A.: Readings on Popular Culture for Writers. E ds. Sonia Maasik and Jack Solomon. 6th ed. Boston: BEDFORD, 2009. 93-100. Print. ...
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