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This is an interesting assignment because it gives me an opportunity to prepare the recourse for my researching paper. Science this class began, I did several discuss boards about consumption and advertising, and I begin to interest in this culture. Advertising is an amazing thing. It has an invisible magic that attract people to have desire of consumption. For example, every time while I saw a Jack in the Box’s commercial on TV, I would immediately feel hungry even though I just ate something. It is unbelievable that the commercial made me feel hungry through my
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Unformatted text preview: eyes. Therefore, in this paper, I want to do some research in advertising. I will use How does advertising effect our consumption habit? as my papers topic. And I will do it on these views: how advertising work and what consumers get from it. In my paper, I will choose these three readings as the sources: 1. What We Are to Advertisers , which relate to why need advertising. 2. If You Have a Buy Button in your Brain, What Pushes It? 3. Mens Men and Womens Women . I think my paper can refer to these essays....
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