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See the ad link here: Kit Kat has several commercials, but I thought the one I chose might be the best example to illustrate “The Commodification of Desire.” In this ad, you could see a guy is doing his boring job, checkout. His expression showed he did the same thing every day, every time. People gave him the items, and he checked them by his head. You must wonder why the guy did it with his head, and then the
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Unformatted text preview: commercial showed the words “Working like a machine”. After you read the words, you must understand why. At the end of the commercial, it made its product connect to travel and claimed that eating Kit Kat is like to have a perfect break. The ad made people think they also need a break, and Kit Kat could give it to them. Therefore, you can see this ad commodifies the desire for relaxing....
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