CTP 01 - anymore. According the article, I think the...

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Lao Tat Sang Lao Economics 202 – David Bell 9 March 2010 CTP 01 An Inconvenient Bag After reading this article, I found something interesting about how companies advertise their “green” policy. Companies always state that their reusable shopping bags are made from recycled material that can help to reduce the pollution of the tradition plastic shopping bag. According to the article, however, most of the reusable totes are made from nonwoven polypropylene, and just contain no more than 30% recycled material. In fact, producing shopping bag with nonwoven polypropylene consumes more energy than plastic bag, and in order to reduce the price of the selling reusable bag, companies will tend to choose the bag which contains more nonwoven polypropylene and less recycled material. Therefore, if consumers keep the habit of using reusable bag as plastic bag’s, it will not “green”
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Unformatted text preview: anymore. According the article, I think the utility issue is peoples habit of using shopping bag. Plastic bag is popular because of its convenience and low cost. Consumers always like go to grocery store without bringing any stuff, and companies dont like spend additional cost in shopping bag. Therefore, if people can change, reusable bag will be the successor of the plastic bag. Obviously, the opportunity cost of purchasing reusable shopping bags is losing of convenience. As I said before, people dont want to bring a lot of stuff to shopping. And the opportunity cost of using plastic bags is the pollution of the environment. We are going to lose the earth if plastic bags are kept using....
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CTP 01 - anymore. According the article, I think the...

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