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1. CheckPoint: Final Project Outline and Speaker’s Notes Date Due Day 3 Post a detailed outline and speaker’s notes for your final project. Refer to Appendix A for details concerning the final project. Complete the following requirements in your presentation: Cover a topic mentioned above, as well as three to four principle issues within your topic. Develop your personal philosophy concerning the topic you chose. Cite, according to APA style guidelines, at least three philosophers mentioned in Philosophy: The Power of Ideas . Include speaker’s notes that add to the presentation and, therefore, are not a replica of the PowerPoint ® slides. Using text and graphics, create 11-14 PowerPoint ® slides to illustrate your philosophy. The presentation
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Unformatted text preview: should include the following: o One introduction slide that presents your topic o Three to four slides that describe three to four principle issues within your topic o Three to four slides that present your views concerning these principle issues • Three to four slides that present historical philosophers’ views as support for your theory • One conclusion slide This is what I have so far. If it needs to change cool whatever but the speaker notes and outline need to follow the guidelines that are above. Without the PowerPoint that needs to be done by next week. Should there be a uniform set of moral standards? 1. Who would set up the uniform set of morals standards? 2. How would we enforce these moral standards? 3....
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