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Japans leader Fickler nato kan in pic Nato kan survivd against a challenge from partys power broker ozawa the voting system weighs voes differently according to lawmakers local officials and normal party members. Rank and file voted with kan. Kan ran under a more open poli climate may result in a partial withdrawal for ozawa who has dominated the poli scene for 20 years Tim Williams Baghdad journal 6 moths ago Iraqis voted but they still have no leader, in summer they riot of having no utilities, while parliament members have had 200 days of paid vacation, they’ve met once for 19 minutes many stay abroad. . some are actually pissed about it. . Venezuelans vote simon romero pic is people outside a cop shop Millions voted in tightly contested elections for legislature. Chavez campaigned hard for his party plus the party is strong in the country whose votes count more, the people think chavezs party cares about the poor some want to abandon the nationalism his party strips resources from elected opposition. With the economy stagnant the party needed to rely on chavezs personality.one good thing was a calm election Kims son elevated markmcdonald pic is the nk workers party Youngest son of kim jung made a 4star general news came after a rare gathering of the workers party nk is a consverative Confucian society that reveres age. Stroke sped up timetable. Briefing no pic fance baume wrote it said fr debating tougher immigration legislation which could strip recently naturalized French ofcitizenshop if they’ve committed certain crimes. Bill also subjects foreigners including citizens of eu countries to leave the country if they overstay or abuse the social welfare system. Shift in Venezuelan policy Simon romero pic is chavez supporters Results say that chavez and opponents my square off in legislature by winning 1/3 of the seats and half in the pop vote the opp should learn and claw its way back in. the media offeres insight as his own loyalists wonder how they lost some pro govt places some say
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2053mokemidtermnotes - Japans leader Fickler nato kan in...

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