2057nytnotes - Quick crippled haiti Haiti is living in...

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Unformatted text preview: Quick crippled haiti Haiti is living in filth. Diarrhea is common but its also a symptom for cholera the epidemic is spreading can kill in 4 hours no one anticipiated chlorea source is unknown at one point protesters blockaded the treatment camp since they think that can spread it. All fear the diry tent camps displaced earthquake residents live in Wife of American held in cuba The wife wrote pres raul castro. The man held is alan gross the letter coincides with the gen assembly voing for the us to life the cuba embargo. He was detained 4 working as a semi covert us agency 4 intl devel which is undermining the Cuban govt. he was giving sat phones to religious groups. Some question insistence of isreal as jewish state Palestine wont recog isreal some top Israel officials are questiong ben net’s policy to make recog of Israel as a jewish state central to peac. I t had looked like the palestinains recog Israel in the Geneva accords in 03 . it said that both ppl of Palestine as Israel would recog each other some say Net only putting obstacles in the way. Imf gains sway, authority un certain Dom strauss kahn is their leader. Many hope the imf can solve the cureencty and trade disputes threatening the global recovery . g20 summit endied with nations vowing to avoid a currency war. Imf best known as a bail outer Some say imf cant influence large economies. Some nations don’t want trade balance regulation but opening up itself to advice, the west may not want ot hear whats said Karzai money from iran Karzai said in a presser that he gets bags of cash from iran aamounting to millions Shows rift between him and nato and usa conference was hostile he wont budge on kicking out pmcs thought humanitarian orgs use them too he thesaid the firms caused bloodshed in Afghanistan China telecom Huawei is t rying to enter ameican markets ferociously hiring talent Sprint my spend 3 billion to buy advanced wireless equipment from them Some say that huaweis close ties to the china military may allow it to mess with usa comm. Equipment stateside so huawei hired an army of lobbyists and lawyers I t has previously been sued by cisco and Motorola for steaing software designs and patent infringement European companies complain about the Chinese subsidies it gets In one of the worlds poorest corners Exxon is getting ready to enter o get the natural gas there local myth says an underground fire is kept alive by poking sticks into the earth . eventually the fire will light up the world. Exxon pipeline will double the gdp of the country startin in 2014. I ts one of the worlds poorest countries. Much o f the land is divided by earth culture and language. Exxon also brought the police back, many landowners want a cut. Some fear the wealth will exacerbate problems Obama united frony against china Facing confrontation on exchange rates trade and security washingotn needs allies, they t rying to get Chinese neighbors to present a unified front on cuttency and territory claims. I taly germany Russia don’t like it . admin cuttency and territory claims....
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2057nytnotes - Quick crippled haiti Haiti is living in...

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