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CS 536 Activities for Lecture 1 A. Why? We’ll be using active methods throughout the semester, so we should practice them. B. Outcomes At the end of this activity you should: Practice forming small groups, discussing questions, and forming answers. Have a list of topics you think this course might/should/could cover. Have a list of reasons why this course might help you someday (or could’ve helped in the past). C. Form Teams Get together in groups of ± ve. Agree on someone to be the speaker for the group; the speaker will communicate with the instructor and the rest of the class. D. Questions As a group, discuss the questions below. Write out your group’s results so we can compare di ² erent groups’ results. Note: Activities are not graded. 1. (Vocabulary Brainstorm) What words/phrases come to mind when you think of the topics “Program Veri ± cation” and “Program Testing”? 2.
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Act01_ActiveTeach_PropLogic - Illinois Institute of...

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